Pastor Grace welcomes YOU today!

'Blessed are the pure in heart;
for they shall see God.'
St. Matthew 5:8.

Sight is the most vivid of all our senses.

We are all conscious of the difference it makes to our realization if we have seen for ourselves. We may know much of people and places without having seen them. We may hear much of persons, study them, and even become their disciples and champions, and yet not have seen them.

Faith and love may be given to those whom we have not seen.
The mind builds up a definite personality and has its own conceptions of the unseen, but one moment of vision will often give a truer impression than years of meditation. When once a leader or an author has been seen, there is a new interest and a new consciousness.

For a year I was deeply interested in Evan Roberts, the Welsh Evangelist. I followed his movements, studied his words, watched his ways, but a day spent with him did more than a year's interest. The sight of the man gave me a new conception, and supplied a key to his work and experience.

It is the same with places and events. With the aid of technology, we can bring the ends of the earth to our feet, but however familiar we may have become with a place by such means, there is a new sense of realization when we stand and look at an Alpine peak or the deep blue of an Italian lake.

We hear or read of some thrilling event and our hearts are stirred, but it is another thing to have been there and seen it.