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3. The Eyes of the Heart

Where faith is concerned, soul-vision is not common.
There are many believers who have never seen God.
They have no vision.

They have heard His Gospel, and believed to the saving of their souls; they follow but do not see.

Many Christians are like the blind man whom the Lord healed twice. Most of His miracles were immediate and complete, but this blind man needed a second touch.

When Jesus had spit on his eyes and laid His hands upon him, He asked him, 'Are you seeing anything?'
And the man looked up, and said, I see people; for I behold them as trees walking.

He could see, but the vision was blurred, uncertain, and dim. His sight had to be supplemented by reason. He could see something; they looked like trees but they were walking, and trees don't walk; so he concluded they must be men.

We are like that.
We have light and sight for our feet, but we cannot behold the glory of the heavens or discern clearly the things around us. We need the second touch that we may see all things clearly.
That sight comes only with purity of heart.
The pure in heart see God.

Things invisible can only be seen with the eyes of the heart. You may take a man to see a great picture or a great landscape, and though he sees with the natural eye he may be blind indeed.

The loveliest sunset I have ever seen was in the isle of Skye. When I turned to my companion he was standing with head uncovered, his face radiant, and with tears in his eyes.

Yet a few yards away was a party playing cards, unconscious of the glory in which they sat. It takes a poet to understand poetry, and an artist to appreciate art.
If a man would understand truth, he must himself be true.
If we would see the God that dwelleth in light, we must be pure in heart.