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in a wasteland

Bible Faith is really simple!

Proverbs 29
18. Where there is no vision, the people perish:
but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
King James Bible

The Prophet Moses speaking here is giving us God's view of His people:
(we become His people when we put our unreserved trust in Him.)
In verse 10 Moses lets us know our history.

He says that when God found us we were in a desert land, in a wasteland.
In other words, when God found us our lives were going nowhere fast, and for some of us, life was full of frightening sounds from our past trying to catch up with us.

For some of us life was full of evil forebodings about the future and we were afraid to move forward, not knowing that God has a path of confidence for us.

When God sees us in that position, He puts His mighty arms about us and begins gently putting us back together again.

He begins instructing us in the Word of God, so that we know who He is and who we are; what He wants our relationship with Him to be like; and what direction our lives will take from here on.

Then He guards us as the apple of His eye.
The apple of your eye is the centre that you see through. You instinctively guard that part of your eye from all particles and contaminants.
Your first line of defence is to close your eyes to protect them.

That is how God guards us with His own protective barrier, because we are very precious to Him.

Father, I just am so grateful to You for Your finding me and giving my life Your purpose.
Thank You for silencing the destructive howling from my past wilderness experience.
Thank You for putting me back together again and filling me with Your word.
Thank You for guarding me and letting me know how precious I am to You.
This is almost too wonderful to believe!
I am totally awed by You,

See you tomorrow again, God willing.

Meanwhile, may the Lord bless your life today!

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