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Surrounded by His Love

Romans 8:
31 What can we say about all of this?
If God is for us, who can be against us?
32 God didn't spare his own Son but handed him over to death for all of us.
So he will also give us everything along with him.
33 Who will accuse those whom God has chosen?
God has approved of them.
34 Who will condemn them?
Christ has died, and more importantly,
he was brought back to life.
Christ has the highest position in heaven.
Christ also intercedes for us.
(God's Word)

Here we have a picture of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ in a nutshell.
The reason why the Lord Jesus came to earth was to demonstrate in human terms that God is FOR human beings - not against us!
God is not the one who accuses us.
God is not the one who condemns us.

Instead, Jesus Christ came to earth from heaven and
He died in place of each of us
He came back to life from death because He is the Victor over Satan
And now, He has been elevated to the highest position in heaven.

Having been glorified in such a manner, what do you think He is doing now?
He could be enjoying the prestige of His elevated position.
He could be absorbing all the worship of the heavenly beings toward Him.
After all, all these things are due Him because of the great victory over death and Satan that He has achieved.

However, out of these alternatives, He has chosen instead, to pray for us.
The Apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans says that He is interceding for us.
Intercede has the idea of continual prayer.
What Jesus Christ is doing right now for you and me is not simply one single powerful prayer.
Instead He is continuing in His powerful prayer on our behalf.
And since there is nothing but day time in heaven, the intercession of the Lord Jesus is continual on our behalf.
He has never stopped praying for us.
His love for us is so powerful, that He never leaves us without His prayer cover over our lives.

He does this because He understands that there is someone
who is against us
who will accuse us
who will seek to condemn us.
This is our enemy, Satan, the Accuser.

The mighty Intercessor, the Lord Jesus Christ,
the same One who took the place of each of us in death on the Cross;
the same One who came back to life from death, which no one else has ever done;
the same One who has been elevated to the highest position in heaven as a result of these marvelous achievements;
He is the One who continually surrounds us with His love by praying for us continually.

Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ
for Your sacrifice on the Cross in my place;
for Your coming back, the Victor over death;
and now, for Your status in heaven, which You are using to surround my life with Your love
by praying continually for me;
so that I have the ability to walk in the same victory that You have won for me!
Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ!
I bless You, Lord Jesus Christ!
Honour and glory be to You, Lord Jesus Christ!

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