11 - Exhortation About Prayer

"And he spoke a parable to them to show them this: that men ought always to pray, and not to faint."
(Luke 18:1)

Three important things are said about prayer in this statement by Christ. They are the duty of praying, the dedication in praying, and the discontinuing of praying.

Duty of praying. "Men ought always to pray." There are many things which men ought to do, one of them is pray. Prayer is not an option, it is a duty. The word "ought" says so. The Greek word translated "ought" in our text means it is necessary, it is needful.

We must pray or we disobey God. We must pray or we disable ourselves. We all have so many needs in our life and, therefore, we need to pray. It is a tragic shame that some courts in our land have ruled out prayer in some places in our land.

Obviously, the courts of our land are woefully ignorant of this truth about the duty of prayer. They are so stupid or rebellious or both, that they rule against a Divinely declared duty for mankind. That makes the courts a problem not a remedy for our land.

Dedication in praying. "Men ought always to pray." The word "always" emphasizes dedication in prayer. It does not mean we are to pray every minute of the day. That is not practical.

It means we are to be faithful to our regular times and seasons of prayer, that we are to pray in both good times and bad times, and that we are to continually be in a spirit of prayer. Dedication will have good habits of prayer. And dedication includes being ready to pray at any moment.

Discontinuing of praying. "And not faint." Fainting means to become weary of something and, therefore, quit.

Fainting is an ever present problem in our prayer life. We must overcome the tendency to faint if we are to have a good prayer life. There are many things which cause us to faint.

Defilement from sin can do it, doubt can do it, danger can do it, distractions can do it, and delay can do it. Few things cause us to faint more in our praying than delays in answer to our requests.

But our verse exhorts us to keep praying anyway and not to faint. Let God take care of the answers, and let us concentrate on doing the praying.

adapted from the book
Daily Bible Reading Sermonettes 2 by John Butler, 2004

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