29 - Prayer, Praise, and Protection

"I will call on the Lord, who is worthy to be praised; so shall I be saved from mine enemies."
(2 Samuel 22:4)

This verse comes from a song which David spoke to the Lord following deliverance from his enemies (2 Samuel 22:1).
The verse speaks about prayer to the Lord, praise for the Lord, and protection by the Lord.

Prayer to the Lord. "1 will call on the Lord."
David’s habit was to call on the Lord in time of trouble. It was a good habit, and one we need to emulate. Too often when troubles come, we get on the phone and call our friends and pour out our troubles.

Friends can be helpful, but why not call on the Lord instead. He can solve your problems and do you more good than all your friends put together. Our failure to call on the Lord when troubles come only prolongs our troubles and delays our deliverances.
We need to commit ourselves to calling upon the Lord at all times.

Praise for the Lord. "The Lord, who is worthy to be praised."
If you are going to pray successfully, your prayers need plenty of praise for the Lord in them. David was careful to fill his prayers with praise for the Lord. And as our verse says, the Lord is worthy of praise. So many things which we praise in our society are not worthy of praise.

Hollywood stars and political stars and sports stars are praised to the skies when they ought to be denounced for the rotten moral lifestyles they live. Many others are praised whose performance does not merit praise.

But no one will ever go wrong in praising God. We can never praise Him enough. His performance is worthy of more praise than we can ever give. Let us not be as concerned about praising faulty men as we are about praising a perfect God.

Protection by the Lord. "So shall I be saved from mine enemies."
David saw that his protection from his enemies was from the Lord. And note that the protection comes after prayer and praise.

If you want protection by the Lord, you need to have prayer to the Lord and praise for the Lord in your life. When prayer and praise are lacking, our blessings will also be lacking.

adapted from the book
Daily Bible Reading Sermonettes 2 by John Butler, 2004

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