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adapted from the book
Quiet Talks on Prayer
by S.D. Gordon, 1904
God's Pathway to Human Hearts 1

God touches people through people.
The Spirit's path to a human heart is through another human heart. With reverence be it said, yet with blunt plainness that in His plan for winning people to their true allegiance, God is limited by the human limitations.

That may seem to mean more than it really does. For our thought of the human is of the scarred, warped, shrivelled humanity that we know, and great changes come when God's Spirit controls. But the fact is there, however limited our understanding of it.

God needs people for His plan.
That is the fact that stands out strong in thinking about prayer. God's greatest agency; man's greatest agency, for defeating the enemy and winning men back is intercession. God is counting mightily upon that. And He can count most mightily upon the man that faithfully practices that.

The results He longs for are being held back, and made smaller because so many of us have not learned how to pray simply and skilfully.
We need training.
And God understands that.
He Himself will train.
But we must be willing; actively willing.

And just there the great bother comes in. A strong will perfectly yielded to God's will, or perfectly willing to be yielded, is His mightiest ally in redeeming the world.