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4. Not a Dungeon but a Temple

Can a man's heart be made clean?
This is the only beatitude that is known only to God. None but God can judge the heart.

A face may be a mask, and the holiest exercises a cloak.
God knows the heart. He looks at the hidden motives of which no man can judge.

Every man who comes to the light discovers himself, and knows whether his motive is pure. Definitions of purity are not necessary.
It is a question of light and sight, rather than of definition and doctrine.

Some Christians do not believe the heart can be cleansed. The extent of their prayer is that they may have power over sin, that they may keep it under, watch over it, thrust it out of sight, control it.

Jesus did not come to give people power over sin. He came to cleanse us from sin.

He never meant the heart to become a dungeon where the devil could us kept in chains.
He came to make the heart a temple filled with the presence and glory of God.