A Very warm welcome to You today, from Pastor Grace!

What Faith Is - 1

If you want a true faith, do not think about it, but look away to the facts of which we have been speaking.

We find no difficulty in trusting our friends, because we open our hearts, like south windows, to their love. We recall all that they've done on our behalf. We remember all they have promised and performed.
Where would be our difficulty about faith if we ceased worrying about it, and were occupied with the object of faith - Jesus Christ our Lord?

Faith is more than Creed. In a creed we believe about a person or circumstance; but in faith we repose our trust upon a person.
We must not believe about Christ only, but in Him, as Livingstone did, when on one occasion he was opposed at nightfall by an army of infuriated tribal warriors.
He was tempted to steal away in the dark; but his eye lit on God's promise, "I will be with you all your days," and he wrote, "I went to sleep because I knew I had the word of a Perfect Gentleman."

Do not believe just about Christ, but in Him.

teach me how to place my full trust in what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for me,
in His name I pray,