A Very warm welcome to You today, from Pastor Grace!

Fact 1

The facts of which we are told in the Bible are like stepping-stones across a brook.
Before you reach the shallows where they lie, you wonder how you will get over, but on stepping down to the margin of the water, they span the space from one bank to the other.
When you have reached one you can step to another, and so across.

It is absurd to consult feeling, or look for faith, while still at a distance from the brookside, or if you persist in going above or below that primitive bridge of stones. You must come down to them, consider them, see how strongly fixed they are in the oozy bed, notice how easily the villagers pass and repass; then you will feel able to trust them, and finally, with a light heart and great sense of relief, step from one to another.

Let us recall a few facts which may help us first to faith, and then to feeling:

It is a fact that God loves each of us with the tenderest and most particular love.
You may not believe or feel it; the warm summer sun may be shining against your shuttered and curtained window without making itself seen or felt within; but your failure to realize and appreciate the fact of God's love toward you cannot alter its being so.

thank You for your love for me. Help me to reach out to You and allow Your love into my life today,
in Jesus' name,