A Very warm welcome to You today, from Pastor Grace!

Feeling - 1

Our feelings are very deceptive, because so easily influenced on from our circumstances.
They are affected by the state of our health, changes in the weather, the presence or absence of those who love.
When the air is light, and the sun shines, and we have slept well, we are more likely to feel disposed towards God than when the dripping November fog drenches the woodlands.

The Father who made us and knows our frame, understands this; so much so, that when Elijah, after the strain of Carmel, his swift flight, and his disappointment at Jezebel's continued obduracy, threw himself beneath the juniper tree and asked for a swift death, God sent him sleep for his exhausted nervous system, and food for his hunger.

As a rule, Faith fruits in Feeling.
"Being justified by faith, we have peace with God... and not only so, but we joy in God, through our Lord Jesus Christ."

"Believing we rejoice with joy unspeakable, and full of glory."

When the prodigal returned, the father bade them slay the fatted calf, saying: "Let us eat and be merry."

There is

  • relief from a heavy burden of sin,
  • the ecstasy of pardon,
  • the light of the Father's face,
  • the sense of rightness,
  • the calm outlook on the future.

When the King comes to His own the bells ring out their peals on the waiting air, as though intoxicated with delight!

thank You for creating me with the capacity to feel,
so that today I can enjoy the great and wonderful salvation You provided for me
through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ,